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Lake cleaning services in Orlando provide a variety of services to help maintain the beauty and health of water bodies. These experts specialize in lakefront clearing, algae control, and retention pond maintenance.

Lakefront clearing involves removing debris like fallen branches, leaves, aquatic plants, and other materials that can clog up the lake’s edges or impede fish movement. This process helps ensure there are no obstacles preventing wildlife from coming close to shore. It also keeps the waterway clean and promotes good aesthetics along the shoreline.

Algae control is essential for lakes that experience algal blooms during certain times of year. Algal blooms reduce oxygen levels in the water which can have devastating consequences for fish populations as well as the overall health of the lake. Lake cleaning experts in Orlando are experienced in using various methods to reduce algal blooms and keep oxygen levels at healthy levels.

Retention pond maintenance is important for helping protect local water supplies from flooding and sediment buildup. Retention ponds can become clogged with debris and other materials, leading to a decrease in their effectiveness. Lake cleaning companies in Orlando help clear out these retention ponds, as well as perform regular maintenance, such as testing for pollutants, removing invasive species, and improving water quality.

Lake cleaning services in Orlando take great pride in preserving the beauty and health of local waterways. Professional cleaners understand the importance of providing an excellent service that will keep these bodies of water safe and healthy all year round. Whether it’s lakefront clearing, algae control, or retention pond maintenance, these experts are always ready to help.

With a little help from the professionals in Orlando, your lake will be looking and feeling its best all year round. Contact one of the lake cleaning services today to learn more about how they can help you keep your lake clean and healthy.

When we are not creating landscapes for people we have a great project to help support the local Orlando community that we would love to see more people get involved in.

+ We are transforming urban land and viable rooftops into farms that grow organic fruits and vegetables.
+ Produce will be available through CSA shares, farmers markets, and local restaurants.
+ Our desire is to shift and increase community access to healthy, organic & locally grown produce inside the city of Orlando.

Building Beuatiful Sustainable Gardens to Help Improve the Food Supply

Growing Orlando is an urban farm initiative. We’re addressing access to food in Orlando in 3 main ways - where we grow for you, teach you to grow for yourself, and equip you to grow for others.

We are establishing multiple urban farm sites to increase production and distribution of food grown in proximity of downtown Orlando with the goal to teach you how to grow food for yourself in Orlando, and incubate future farmers. We will start and maintain multiple urban farm sites in and around downtown Orlando. Everywhere from a quarter acre lot, to a roof top hydroponic system. We are prepared for any scenerio to start a garden to get this project underway, from being the largest excavating company in Orlando and supplier of equipment, we can keep our overhead low.

We will also be hosting and coordinating courses and workshops to teach Orlandoans how to grow food for themselves. From backyard raised beds to apartment balcony container gardens, we know each model of growth looks different and requires education and community to succeed. Our farm sites will act as tangible locations for workshops so people can take a look at and get their hands dirty. For some, growing for yourself is a gateway into growing food for others. For some it looks like a for profit business and for others an act of community service to donate excess produce. CA Newsfeed will train and incubate new farmers who are exploring urban and rural farming. This is the only true way to help not just the Orlando peoples acess to healthy food but eventually all of America.

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